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What does a public relations company do?

The PR company will handle your company’s reputation through the communication of owning, earning and paying. Usually, public relations companies are responsible for communicating information to the press. The main goals of PR companies are brand awareness and reputation management. Although the responsibilities of public relations and marketing can overlap, they have different functions. Allie Decker, author of the HubSpot Pillar Pages team, writes about public relations and marketing in this blog. She said: “The main goal of public relations is to improve brand reputation. On the other hand, the main goal of marketing is to promote sales.” Public relations and marketing can work together by adjusting goals. For example, people may learn about your brand through public relations strategies (such as the presence of organic social media), and then convert from your marketing strategies (such as Facebook ads) into sales. Through the cooperation of the PR and marketing departments in strategic messaging, you will build your reputation and drive more sales.