Ghost Walk with the Grand Theatre

Moonlight Ghost Tour at the Brown Grand Theatre in Concordia

Did you know the Brown Grand Theatre is haunted?

The Brown Grand Theatre in downtown Concordia is proud to host a series of spooky events for anyone interested in the paranormal; September 26th, October 2nd, and October 30th. Those interested in attending the Matinee Ghost Tour on Sunday, September, 26th at 3 pm or the Moonlight Ghost Tour on Saturday, October 2nd at 8 pm can purchase tickets for a 75-minute ghost tour of the Brown Grand led by resident ghost hunter, Tonya Merrill. Tickets are $15 each and each tour is limited to the first 25 ghost hunters. The tours feature a walk through of the theatre, highlighting stories about the venue and its resident ghosts. It finishes with breakout sessions where participants may use the ghost hunting equipment provided to try and catch their own ghostly evidence. Equipment includes: EVP recorders, spirit photography, dowsing rods, EMF detector, pendulum, and the ghost box. These tools will come with a tutorial on how to use them and the effectiveness of them as ghost hunting equipment. Cell phones and cameras are also encouraged.