Getting Good News Noticed In The Care Sector

Read on to find out what happened throughout the nursing industry in August:

Nursing service

According to an influential new report, the dignity and choices of nursing home residents have not been effectively protected. Healthwatch representatives visited 197 nursing homes across the country and recorded qualitative feedback from residents on a range of nursing-related topics. A new study by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) estimates that the total value of services provided by unpaid caregivers is 57 billion pounds per year. The estimate takes into account nursing services originally provided by the government and emphasizes the growing importance of home nursing staff. Of the 5,300 nursing homes inspected by the Care Quality Committee, 2,000 were found to be “in need of improvement”. This represents 40% of all such institutions and increases the prospect that there are currently more than 70,000 elderly people living in inadequate living conditions. Trustedcare, a care provider comparison website, draws cost maps for nursing homes across the UK. Their chart details how certain areas (such as Oxford, £955) have almost twice the monthly cost of care as those in affordable areas (such as Lancashire, £531).

Medical Research

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have discovered a gut microbe that can be used to treat autoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis. So far, preliminary trials have proven successful, and this treatment may be relatively simple and cost-effective. Vascular diseases-including high blood pressure and diabetes-are associated with an increased risk of dementia in later life. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University published the results of their 25-year study earlier this month in the journal JAMA Neurology. According to a new study funded by Cancer Research UK, targeted enzymes in healthy cells taken over by cancer cells can help treat a range of cancers. It has been shown that targeting the NOX4 enzyme can reduce tumor size in mice by as much as 50%.

Awareness Initiative

Eamonn Donnelly, a teacher from the North Island, has almost completed his “long-distance walk home”-an epic 2,500-kilometer sponsored hike, aimed at raising awareness and funding for dementia research. Eamonn was forced to complete this task after losing her mother in 2014. August 14-20 is National Distribution Week: a series of activities aimed at recognizing the importance of distribution as a healthy public space. Gardening is a great activity for seniors, and senior members of the community participated in this week’s activity. World Photography Day was held on August 19th to celebrate the power of pictures to record precious memories and share special moments with friends and family around the world. Photos can be an important memory aid for the elderly, and it is also a pleasant way of recalling. Join us again in the last week of September for the next issue of nursing industry news reviews.