Event Planning – Don’t Be All Talk And No Action

What is event planning? What do you do? Which tools should you use to make your life easier?

Event Planning Guide

In this guide, we will discuss basic event planning templates, what it means to be a planner, and how event management software can simplify your process.

What is event planning?

This is the process of planning all the details and logistics of the activities. The scale, complexity and purpose of the incident varied. They can be face-to-face, virtual or mixed. Management activities require a lot of time and energy, and involve communication with multiple teams and suppliers. Event planning covers tasks at all stages of the event cycle, such as event marketing, event sponsors, venue procurement, event branding, and event website establishment.

Event management is event planning

People tend to call event planners by many different names. Some event planners are called administrative assistants, some are called event coordinators, and some are called event managers. What do all these titles have in common? Individual participation in planning activities. Whether the event is internal or external, big or small, it must be planned.