Why PR works

It’s a simple concept – PR exists to raise the profile of your organisation and products/services amongst those you want to influence.

But what isn’t so simple is developing and implementing a PR strategy that achieves this goal. Ultimately, great PR should always complement and support your overall business objectives.

The reason why PR works is because, when done correctly, it gets relevant and compelling content out there in front of your target audience, but without the cost of advertising and with greater credibility.

PR isn’t a luxury spend, but adds value to your existing marketing strategy. why pr works star pr

The benefits of PR include:

  • Raises the profile of your brand/products/services 
  • Complements any existing marketing activities
  • Creates a positive impression about your brand to your customers
  • Highlights your expertise
  • Helps enhance your position as a trustworthy, credible brand
  • Helps change behaviour, perceptions and attitudes
  • Can support your efforts to attract new, talented staff
  • Cost effective and more versatile when compared to print advertising
  • Online PR can drive traffic to your website (the more original articles with links to your website that appear on popular, well-respected websites, your search engine optimisation value will only increase)


There’s an old saying: “Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for.” PR aims to get you publicity but it isn’t advertising, because unlike advertising, PR aims to influence decisions, behaviours and attitudes via unpaid or earned methods. Whether that’s through the traditional media, social media or events and engagements, PR is about communicating through trusted sources, not paid.

Great PR can take a variety of forms, from editorial coverage in your targeting media through issuing press releases, statements, comments and features; running social media campaigns; publishing blogs and other web content; as well as organising events or publicity stunts

Here’s a simple example of when PR has worked – ever seen an article about a survey or a poll? Sure you have. Well the article will say something along the lines of ‘The survey commissioned by…’ and then name a company.

Another example of good, simple PR is when you read stories about companies doing well, such as contract wins, new staff appointments, moving premises, financial success etc. If you’ve got good news, shout about. This type of PR makes people sit up and take notice.

You can also get creative with your PR, such as organising a stunt with a real ‘wow’ factor, but the important thing to remember is you have to utilise the right PR tools and methods depending on your specific needs (and budget).

If simple and straight-forward works for you, do it. And if big and loud is your thing, then go for it. PR works. Make sure it’s part of your business strategy.

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